Bunny’s Rabbits Slot Alternatives

Bunny’s Rabbits Slot Alternatives

In spite of the fact that there are a number of Aristocrat slots that offer enjoyable and unique gameplay, Bunny’s Rabbits is one that appears tough to beat.

Using 4×4 reels, 20 paylines, and incorporating individually spinning symbols as well as a unique bonus round that is triggered with only one scatter symbol appearing on the reels, this slot is hard to compare to. However, there are still a range of Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives that promise the same standard of gameplay and entertainment.

With this game only available in land-based casinos, players will be happy to discover that in spite of the fact that they won’t be able to play this game online, they will find various Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives at a number of online casinos.

Triple Profits Slot

The first of the many Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives worth mentioning is the Triple Profit slot that can be found at a number of online casinos. The theme is similarly noteworthy, while it can be argued that the gameplay in this slot game appears even more so than Bunny’s Rabbits.

Though the visual aspects are not what makes this game one of the best Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives, however players will find that the symbols also appear to spin independently to promise bigger winning opportunities.

Triple Profits doesn’t have a free spins feature, however it does come with a money bags bonus game and an additional hold feature which is not usually found in online games.

Tropic Reels Slot

There is another noteworthy Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives that should definitely be considered by any player looking for similar gameplay, and that is the Tropic Reels slot. This slot can be found at a range of online casinos and offer players 5 reels and 5 paylines, meaning better spins result in better wins.

The reason this game is can be considered one of the Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives is due to the fact that once again the symbols on the reels spin independently and ensure more chance at landing winning combinations.

Piggy Fortunes Slot

Another one of the Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives available is the Piggy Fortune slot game that will also be found in various online casinos. This is a suitable choice for players looking to engage in a similar theme to Bunny’s Rabbits  and not necessarily similar gameplay, with fairytale and fantasy shaping the game.

The graphics in this slot are very impressive, further providing an enjoyable experience, and the game come with 25 paylines on offer and a free spins bonus round, much like one found in the Bunny’s Rabbits slot.

Once Upon a Time Slot

Another of the Bunny’s Rabbits slot alternatives that offers players an enjoyable fairytale theme. The game begins as the name suggests, like a fairytale. The graphics in Once Upon a Time actually surpass those found in Bunny’s Rabbits slot, with exceptionally well-rendered 3D animations.

This game comes boasting more paylines however, with up to 30 on offer and the choice to adjust them to the same as Bunny’s Rabbits. Once Upon a Time also contains a free spins bonus as well as an additional wild reels feature that promises big chances at bigger wins.