Guide To Betting On Golf

Golf is one of the fastest growing betting sports currently and has a rich history of betting going back to almost the inception of sportsbooks. Many new bettors may steer away from golf as a lot of people perceive it as boring or bland, but it is actually one of the best betting sports around.

Why Golf

Golf is in a unique position when it comes to betting. There are a few aspects that make betting on golf some of the best bets that a beginner or veteran bettor can place.

  • Tour length – Golf tours like the PGA Tour can last almost the full length of the year. These tours can give ample betting opportunity weekly, throughout the year, while only needing to focus on one set line-up of golfers. Research can become a nightmare when switching between tournaments, this layout allows punters to focus on only one tournament at a time.
  • Individual players – Team sports can introduce some challenges into the research you need to conduct to make solid bets. Having solo players face off removes a lot of the potential variables of any other team-based sport. Research will be simple and more accurate when you only need to research a handful of players.
  • Access to information – Golf is one of the most widely available televised sports in the world. Watching games and accessing information of historical games will be easy no matter where in the world you may live.

Golf is an incredible sport for any existing fan or avid bettor. The easy-to-follow and consistent nature of the players makes for a remarkable betting opportunity.

Golf Odds

Golf can make use of different styles of odds for different nature of bets. For head-to-head bets or future bets, American and even British odds are common, depending on your chosen sportsbook. Where things differ from the norm is the most popular bets in golf betting, the to-win and versus the field bets. In these bets, all you need to remember is that the potential payouts are based on $100.

The odds will present themselves as a Positive number, like +500.

What this means is that if you were to place a $100 bet, you would win $500 in addition to receiving your original $100 back. Lower than even-money bets are presented in the same way, so +20 would represent only winning $20 on your initial $100 bet. While different, this is one of the simplest odds formats available in modern betting.

Golf Bets

There is a wide range of different head-to-head bets, live betting and match ups, which can be overwhelming if approached with no prior knowledge of them. For beginners, it is important to try and keep it as simple as possible, just like when you start off wagering at the sites recommends.

Once you have a good handle on the basic bets, venturing out to more complicated bets will be much easier. To-win bets will always be a great starting point, but there is no harm in looking at a small prop bet too.