The Advantages Associated With Mobile Sports Betting

There was a time not too long ago when betting on sports was something of a serious undertaking, especially for the punter that happened to live far away from any betting venues.

Most horse racing tracks tend to be close to cities, so it meant having to pack up the car and drive out, sometimes taking hours.

But this all changed when the betting scene moved on to the Internet, and it didn’t take long for betting services to proliferate across the web. Today, not only is it possible to make bets through the internet, but it can be done entirely through our smartphones and tablets, ushering in something of a golden age for sports betting in general. Let’s have a look at some useful tips to improve the mobile betting experience.


Smartphones are amazing devices; more powerful than full desktop computers not more than 20 years ago, and with enough storage that we can fill them with countless pictures and videos. Android and iOS are well-funded and well-developed operating systems that are easy to use, and it’s incredibly simple to download an app and start using it.

And many casino and sports betting operators and developers have taken that chance to design apps that are great for everyone, from novice users to experienced bettors. Logging into accounts is straightforward, the connections are secure, and anything that’s usually found on the main website will be accessible.

Smartphones and tablets make for a more fluid and dynamic usage of modern apps and mobile web pages, and touchscreens only elevate the experience. High-definition displays and long-lasting batteries, it’s little wonder why mobile devices are perfect for sports betting.

Live Betting Opportunities

Smartphones are also great in that they give the punter the chance to keep track of their favourite sporting event as it happens. With a decent internet connection, high quality streaming is possible, meaning that it’s possible not just to take bets out on an event, but to make bets while the event is happening in real time.

Of course, this can’t always be the case when at home, but when we’re at work or at the shops, it usually takes no more than 5 minutes to take the phone out, check how the event is going, and update any bets for improved success rates.

The sheer convenience of this kind of sports betting means that it doesn’t have to disrupt daily life, while also giving the bettor every opportunity to push the odds in their favour.

Mobile Betting Offers

Thanks to the general trend of bettors moving over to mobile technology to place their wagers, lots of sports betting services and casinos, such as those offering online slots Canada games, have begun to make the deal that much sweeter, by giving special rewards for those that turn to mobile. This might be in the form of free bets, or bonuses that give them a higher chance of ending the day as a winner. It’s worth checking out all the various offers that are made available when playing on mobile.