The Most Popular Betting Sports in the World

Wagering on horse races, team-based sports, and individual athletes has been part of our culture for hundreds of years now, but it’s never been this available. By and large, it was an expensive hobby, but that’s all changed thanks to the Internet.

Online betting is incredibly popular, and an activity that was long limited to a small few is now open to absolutely everyone. Whatever it is you are looking for you’re guaranteed to find it on the Internet, and you can take advantage of tournaments, series’, and games no matter where in the world they’re taking place.


Although these games are based primarily in the United States of America, Baseball is beloved the world over, and betting on these games has become a favoured pastime with many spectators. Moneyline, Runline, and Series stakes are the top picks here.


Basketball has billions of fans and the National Basketball Association Series ranks as one of the most popular events to stake on every year. It’s enjoyed a surge of growth internationally recently and is now entertaining people in even far-flung places like China! Spread and Line betting are popular choices for these events.


Second only to Football in terms of its volume of players and bettors, Cricket is the gentlemen’s game that’s taken the world by storm and can be compared in popularity to reel games. Check out all the best pokies in Australia when next you’re free and you’ll see why!

Wagering options include To Win the Match, Top Team Batsman, and To Win the Toss, and rock-star players like Faf Du Plessis, Steve Smith, and Virat Kohli make the matches a pleasure to watch.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has a long, distinguished history and has been practised in civilisations the world over since ancient times.

The straightforward Win bet, the Show wager, which only requires that the horse you’ve named ends in the race in one of the first three positions, and the Daily Double, where you’re asked to pick the winner of two consecutive races, are fan favourites.


Football is at the top of the heap when it comes to wagering, in terms of being bet on, played, and watched. Soccer has more than four billion supporters all over the world and, when you consider that as much as 70% of all sports wagers are on these games, you can imagine how much money is being staked and won!


When it comes to sports based on individual athletes, Tennis is a winner hands down. It’s growing in popularity every year, too, with staking peaking during the Grand Slams and other big tournaments. If you’re interested in giving it a try, check out Match Winner, Set Betting, and Handicap wagers.


A relatively new player on the scene when you consider how long we’ve been betting on Football games and Horse Races, Volleyball has nonetheless managed to make its way on to this list. Match betting, Point Spread, and Total Sets are stakes that spectators of any level of staking experience can have fun with.