A Guide to Placing the Best Horse Racing Bets in New Zealand

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Placing The Best Horse Racing Bets

It’s the thrill of the track, jockeys lining up at the gate and becoming one with noble steed in a valiant dash down the green straight. Punters from New Zealand have it in their blood, its one of the oldest traditions and has slowly become more than a lifestyle, but an entertainment option that affords punters with the chance of striking gild come race day.

There is a multiplicity of horse racing events throughout the calendar year. Kiwis have a wide variety of events and correlating horse racing betting options to access. The options are limitless with Internet and other land based betting options available. Convenience takes its true form with a variety of devices to place horse racing bets from.

Even with the assortment of static and mobile devices to place horse racing bets with; understanding horse racing and decoding the best betting options can be intimidating for new punters in quest of the best horse racing bets.

Land Based Or Online

Land-based betting options are still popular horse racing betting avenues for many punters throughout New Zealand. Even though land-based establishments are more traditional, online horse racing betting platforms afford punters with a more convenient horse racing betting alternative that is completely mobile from the comfort of any location around the planet.

Placing World Class Bets

Decoding horse racing can be a daunting task, especially with the shear number of races annually and the various betting types on offer. The following NZ racing tips are designed to help you, and the wagers outlined below are the most straightforward horse racing bets that are easy to make sense of and configure value from.

Horse Racing Bets- World Class Bets

Place A Win Bet

A Win Bet is the most common type of horse racing bet that allows punters to place a bet on the horse most likely to win the race outright. Its considered an overall winner bet and is generally the easiest type of horse racing bet to work with.

Go For Place Bets

Place bets have a built in safety net. In place bets you can place a bet on a horse to win the race in first or second position. Either placement will award you with a winning bet and allows for a safety cushion if your prediction is slightly off. Kiwis should be aware that place bets do feature a set of lower favoured odds because of their open nature.

Show Bets

Show bets are generally considered low payout bets because of the general leeway they provide punters with. Show bets are one of the best horse racing bets on the market simply because of the advantages they offer to punters.

In show bets punters can predict a first, second or third place winning for the horse, allowing for a greater chance at securing a winning bet.

Opting For Bet All Bets

Punters from New Zealand will be eager to learn about combo straight wager horse racing bets. These types of horse racing bets allow you to bet on a win, place and show option all at once.

This means punters are making three different types of bets in one and therefore requires three times as many credits to play this type of bet. Opting for this type of bet provides you with better winning chances; punters should remember that the winnings potential might be disappointing due to the cost of the bet.