An Overview of the Biggest Betting Markets In NZ

mobile sports betting NZ biggest betting markets in new zealand

New Zealand is a relatively small country but as we all know, it is blessed with a thriving economy and a massive pool of very talented athletes. This results in a multitude of sporting potential for punters and this creates some great opportunities for those looking for a bit of fun.

Rugby, Cricket and Horse racing are among the most favourite among sports fans and punters alike, and as the annual calendars of these events all overlap with one another, punters are guaranteed year round entertainment.

Add to this the massive advancements in technology such as web based portals and mobile applications, and we have the perfect environment for sports fans.


Arguably one of the most popular sports in the country, rugby is seen as a great unifier across all ages and social backgrounds. It is this mass appeal that has created a flourishing sports betting scene and is a huge driver in this sector. One only has to view the massive volume of spectators at an All Blacks game to see the Kiwi passion for the game.

Super Rugby is another fantastic example of the huge betting potential in the sport. With teams competing from around the southern hemisphere and surrounding regions we find some great odds and even greater and payouts.


Cricket is another big sport that is followed in New Zealand. The Black Caps are well known for their uncompromising stance on the field and are another world class sporting force that is not to be trifled with. It is for this reason that cricket in New Zealand enjoys massive support from fans.

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The betting possibilities are therefore quite numerous, and during big tournaments and competitions there are many bets to be had by all those interested in having a go. International and domestic leagues are both well supported and thus ensures fantastic crowd turn outs as well as fantastic odds for the right event.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is definitely right up there when it comes to market share in the New Zealand betting scene. There is great horse racing history and heritage in the country, with initial races going back as far as 1882.

The racing action also includes Australia and the region sees a cross pollination of races and horse breeding between the 2 countries., to much fanfare and excitement of race fans and punters. This is a very lucrative segment of the mobile sports betting NZ market share and is testament to the robust nature of the sport.

Other Sports

The global nature of the internet and communications in general has unlocked much of the untapped betting potential for Kiwis in other regions. Sports such as American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Nascar and Golf are also popular amongst New Zealanders, who have grown accustomed to betting on such internationally and diverse events.

But that’s not to say that old favourites like Boxing, Golf and Tennis have taken a backseat. To the contrary, statistics show that growth is seen across all of these different sports which can only be attributed to the impressive interconnectivity of modern communication systems and the open mindedness of modern day punters to get online and have a go at striking it lucky.