Some Big Boxing Betting Basics

Boxing is one of the most brutal but elegant sports that a person has to fight on their own – once in the ring it’s just you and your opponent – and your determination to win.

And like that boxer, you the better need to place a bet that will win a pot for you, so here is our easy to follow guide on doing just that:

Research the Fight

There is no such thing as a sure bet in online betting NZ, but spending some time and effort researching both opponents can give you an edge when you are ready to place a bet. Focus on how both boxers have performed in prior bouts, and how they respond to high pressure events.

Also make sure to research the fighters training and conditioning – have they been seen clubbing the week before maybe bet against that boxer. Having said that, do not buy into any media hype that could be misleading, make sure to collect actual factual data to apply to your bets.

Once you have gathered your data, get ready to place your bets, choosing from one or more of the below betting options.

Types of Bets

Fight to go the distance – Place a bet on whether the bout will go the entire 12 rounds (this is where your research on the fighters past performance comes in handy)

Method of Victory – You simply place a bet on how the match will be won – disqualification, knockout or technical knockout

Bout Betting – this bet is basically placing a bet on who will win the boxing match, with long odds as in general there is seldom a draw in a boxing bout

Round Betting – choose this option if the outright odds are low in the favourite to win, it works by placing a bet on who will win and in which round they will do so.

Round Group Betting – similar to round betting but with a more flexible option in choosing the round you think the win will be decided on

Over/Under round – place a bet on how many rounds you think the match will last

Best Bookmakers

A bookmaker can be the cause of a win or a loss when placing a bet, so make sure to research bookmakers as well as boxers! The things to focus on for finding a good bookmaker for a boxing bet the odds they offer on wagers and their promotional offers.

Take the time to compare bookmakers, especially online bookmakers to get the best value for your online bets. If you are new to placing bets on boxing matches, bookmakers can offer some great promotions for you to take advantage of, from discount fees to free bets, shop around for that great deal for you.

And now that you have done your research into the match, the fighters and the best bookmaker – you get to place your bets. And each time you wager you grow and learn more about placing bets on boxing matches until the odds are more in your favour.