The Rise of Novelty Betting in Ausatralia

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Novelty betting is on the increase and punters in Australia and all around the world are joining in.  Novelty bets are a relatively new form of betting and can be great fun for punters who want to get away from the serious sports bets for a while.

Novelty bets can be seasonal as well as all year round and can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in TV series, movies, reality shows, politics or celebrity gossip or just about any topic really.

With the convenience of betting online many punters can now place bets wherever they may be at any time of the day or night.  The term novelty gives punters the impression that these bets are a joke but there are many sportsbooks who take these bets seriously and many punters have received huge payouts from these.

Many of the sports betting sites will ensure that they offer up to date betting relating to current events around the world.  Novelty bets are on the increase because it is what the people want.  Punters will find a range of topics to choose from and although other forms of betting are popular this is one market where everyone can take part.

Better Odds

The way that odds are calculated for novelty bets differ from sports betting.  Bookmakers make use of complicated software and calculations to work out the odds for sporting events.  With novelty bets this is difficult to do as these events are difficult to identify and the use of calculations will not work.

Because the bookmaker often cannot make accurate odds, the punter and bookmaker are usually on a par and some punters may be very knowledgeable in certain areas and will have the advantage over the bookmaker.

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Free Novelty Bets

Another reason why novelty betting is becoming so popular is the free novelty bets, which the sportsbooks are giving away.  These are like coupons and some of the bookmakers will give these freebies to punters whose bet came second or if a punter wins at a casino game.  This is a great way for online casinos offering sports betting to attract new punters to their site and try out something new.

Novelty bets are entertaining and they are often associated with current events, which means that this form of betting is growing daily and free novelty bets are the way to ensure the growth of this popular pastime.

Types of Novelty Bets

The most common novelty bets include such shows as the reality TV show Big Brother or Survivor.  Betting on certain aspects of the entertainment industry are also very popular such as Idols, X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing.  Punters can also wager bets on the celebrities of this industry such as how long will a couple be married for or the name of their first child.  Punters can also make financial bets such as whether the market will rise or fall.

These types of bets will require some research and knowledge of the stock market.  The Golden Globe and the Oscars are two events that draw a big fan base and punters can bet on many aspects of these events.  Politics is another popular novelty bet and these include futures betting as well.

For many punters novelty bets are a great way to enjoy betting and with some luck and a bit of research the possibility of winning is definitely possible.