Seven tips for winning cricket bets

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Cricket is New Zealand’s national summer sport and quite popular to bet on. Cricket is a great sport to bet on because a lot of money can be won on cricket bets but it takes smart betting to ensure potential wins.

In order to bet smart it is vital that bettors in New Zealand follow some, if not all, of the top tips that can help them boost their potential to win. It is not a sport in which one can bet based on gut feelings and instinct.

1 . Find Top Sites to Bet At

Where a bettor bets is very important because the internet is inundated with online sportsbooks and not all of them are safe and reputable.

New Zealanders do have a great variety of top sites to choose from so find those that have been rated the best and compare their bonuses, cricket betting options and odds.

2 . Manage a Cricket Betting Bankroll

Successful betting means not losing drastic amounts. This is why it is vital to set a budget to bet with over a set time period and stick to it even if huge wins have occurred. This should be an amount that can be lost without affecting financial status. Save winning amounts and only bet a small portion of them.

Walking away with extra NZ$ after a win is the goal of betting so do not risk losing winnings by betting the entire amount.

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3 . Know the Odds and Compare Them

Get a basic understanding of the odds so that you can calculate for yourself what the best bets to place are. Compare online betting sites in New Zealand for their odds and choose those that are most accurate or valuable. It is important to remember that none are guaranteed but they can help to ascertain winning potential.

4 . Consider the Different Types of Bets

There are multiple bets to choose from, each with different odds and different pay outs.

Bets that are most valuable are those that have decent odds and decent pay outs. Betting wisely does not always mean betting on the favourites, but knowing which teams and players have better stability and performance history is important in knowing which teams and players have winning potential.

5 . Be Judicious with Live Betting

Props and exotic bets used in live betting are incredibly fun and exciting but they can be far more risky. It is vital to be judicious when placing these bets as they tend to rely less on data and stats and more on gut feelings.

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6 . Consider Honing Cricket Betting Skills

A great way to refine cricket betting skills is to bet on One Day Internationals as these have the same range of betting options with far more statistical information to determine odds. Results are known almost immediately.

7 . Stay Focused and Enjoy the Risk

Staying focused when betting is very important but it is vital to not be afraid of the risk. The thrill of the risk is what brings in the wins. It may all seem quite complex but betting on cricket is exciting and becomes easier to do with the more knowledge obtained.