Helpful Tennis Betting Tips for Beginners

Tennis is a fast-paced, highly entertaining sport, but if you’re keen on getting started with tennis betting it’s imperative that you first understand the rules of the sport.

While the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments all present fantastic betting opportunities, it’s important to understand how styles of play and even the playing surface could affect the odds on offer.

Here are some helpful tips for beginner’s tennis betting.

Find a Top Online Sportsbook

Before you can get started with tennis betting, it’s crucial that you find a top-ranking online sportsbook. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online sportsbooks available to choose from and many of them are not worth your time and money.

As such, its imperative that you do plenty of research ahead of time and only create an account with an online sportsbook that ticks all the boxes. Be sure to focus on their terms and conditions, licensing, and their betting markets as you don’t want to create an account only to discover that they don’t offer top tennis betting opportunities.

The Rules of the Sport

Played by either one or two people on each side of the net, the aim of tennis is to stop your opponent from returning the ball to your side of the net in order to win a point.

Preventing the return of the ball can be achieved by forcing them to hit the ball outside of the court lines or into the net.

A single game is won by scoring 4 points and at least 2 more than your opponent, with a set consisting of 6 games, and a match consisting or 3 or 5 sets – a bit more complicated than blackjack online Canada!

Factors to Consider in Tennis Betting

There are many factors to consider when getting started with tennis betting and it’s important to remember that each player will have different strengths and weaknesses and are better suited to certain conditions.

For example, tennis is played on 4 surfaces – clay, grass, hardcourt, and carpet – and owing to the speed at which both the ball and the player can travel on these different surfaces, it’s imperative that you understand how these surfaces can help or hinder a certain player’s performance.

Tournaments and Other Betting Markets

Major tournaments are a good starting point for beginner tennis punters and there are four Grand Slams to look forward to each year. The Australian and US Opens are contested on hardcourt, the French Open on clay, and Wimbledon on grass.

Both men and women compete in these Grand Slams and then take part in Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) events throughout the year which all present fantastic betting opportunities.

Handicap Betting in Tennis

A handicap in tennis betting is very similar to handicaps in all other sports betting markets. A certain player is afforded a set number of games or sets as an advantage / disadvantage to level the playing field.

The bookmakers decide on these handicaps and punters are able to decide whether player 1 will win with a + handicap advantage, or whether player 2 will make up their – handicap disadvantage and still manage to win.

Outright Betting in Tennis

Both outright and money line markets are generally the simplest types of bets for beginner tennis punters to grasp and master.

An outright market is offered on a tennis tournament and the bookmaker simply sets the odds on individual players to win the tournament. Money line markets are a simple bet on which player will win an individual match.