The Top 5 Weirdest Sports to Wager On

There can be no denying just how big an industry sports betting really is. Raking in billions each year from eager bettors around the world (and paying out just as much!), bookmakers allow their customers to wager on everything from horse racing and rugby to political elections, singing contests, and some more extremely niche sports as well.

And while football and tennis appeal to the majority of punters out there, those who are seeking a few more thrills and something different to the norm can bet on these top 5 weirdest sports the next time they have cash to spare. They are sure to have your adrenaline pumping just like online horse betting Australia would for a horse racing aficionado!

#1: Sumo Wresting

The Japanese martial art of Sumo might seem too niche to be included in the betting world, but punters from all corners of the globe have been taking an interest in it as a betting market of late.

The sport has always been considered quite an amusing one to watch, but for the ‘yokozuna’ wrestlers involved, it is taken very seriously. The top wrestlers can even earn tens of thousands of dollars in a month! Thanks to international online sportsbooks, Sumo betting has now made its way out of Japan and spread across the globe, allowing everyone else to experience some of its prime action too.

#2: Headis

You will likely not have heard of headis before. This bizarre combination of table tennis and soccer involves players that hit a 7-inch rubber ball across a traditional ping pong table using only their heads, just like pro soccer players do with their own balls.

It certainly sounds obscure at first glance, but interestingly, headis was actually selected as a finalist for the 2010 edition of the ISPO BRANDNEW Awards, showing that it is definitely going places. Some bookies are now even offering odds on professional games, so be sure to check it out!

#3: Hurling

Hurling is an age-old Irish sport that has recently gained an international fan base. The sport is considered to be one of the most challenging and gruelling when it comes to its technicalities, and players of it require exceptional skill and talent in order to get to tournament level. Obviously, all of these factors make hurling an excellent topic to wager on, especially when the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship comes around each year.

#4: Kite-Winging

Kite-winging is a sport that fuses traditional water skiing with flying in a pastime packed with exhilaration (and a fair amount of danger). Kite-wings can be used during surfing, skating and rollerblading as well, which provides plenty of variety when it comes to betting markets.

#5: Upside-Down Underwater Hockey

Yes, you read that correctly! Playing hockey underwater while upside down is an actual, legitimate sport that takes place underneath frozen lakes without any breathing equipment. This is the extreme sport to end all others, and the best news is that you can easily wager on it during the right seasons for some truly heart-stopping thrills!