Top Tips And Advice For Studying Horse Racing Form

Top Tips And Advice For Studying Horse Racing Form

Top Tips for Studying Form

If you’re interested in horse racing, and like to take out wagers on the occasional event here and there, one of the most helpful ways to improve your chances of winning is by learning the form. The form applies to the overall performance of the horses that take part in the races – specifically in past events –  as well as certain key elements of the events themselves.

Like with any kind of betting, the more information you have available, the better your chance of hitting the big winnings, but this also means doing a fair amount of research, especially when it comes to something like horse racing, which is often decided by more factors than just chance.

There are many handy strategies that can help you study form when it comes to horse racing, and for the most part, many of them apply to a certain kind of horse racing. If you just want to have a more overall understanding of form, these are some general tips that can help you learn form. 

Never Try and Assume

This is a problem that often applies to younger punters who are starting out a new career in horse race betting. If you’re studying the form of a set of horses that are going to be racing in upcoming events, it can be easy to look back at how they have performed in the past and immediately make an assumption of how the event will play out.

This can be a mistake and often involves favouritism on the part of the punter, and can apply to any sort of betting, such as online blackjack in Canada, where players tend to let their emotions rule the way they make decisions.

Keep an Eye On Improving Horses

Not all horses do well in the events that they run, and it is extremely easy to quickly gain a reputation in the horse racing industry as a dud. It’s not hard to see why, however, as punters spend a lot of money on bets, and you don’t want to bet on an animal that has performed poorly.

Having said this, horses can improve over time, especially as they grow more used to the track. Keeping an eye on a horse that has the potential to be better in the future can equate to winning bets down the line.

Watch The Trainers

Often enough, a horse only performs well if it has had the right kind of training, and this is always the responsibility of the trainer. Beyond learning just the form of the horse, learn how the trainer operates, whether they’ve had wins in the past with previous racers, and if their methods have been proven on the track. 

Don’t Follow Ratings

There are a lot of sources online that keep a set of ratings for each horse that takes part in an event. These races are usually bare numbers and don’t rely on any other types of data. You’ll not learn what kind of health the horse is in, or if the horse is even in the mood to race. Rather spend the time researching the horses in detail and don’t rely on the numbers a computer draws up.

Studying horse racing form properly can take some time and patience, but in the end it can lead to strong earnings from the racetrack, making it worth all the time you invest.