Top Tips For Kiwi Punters

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These days punters are really spoiled when it comes to looking for tips for sporting events, and for Kiwis this is certainly no exception. The internet provides a huge resource for those who wish to do a little research for an upcoming game, event or tournament. Hidden gems of knowledge can be found in online forums where users share their years of betting experience, and most of these resources are free!

Whether it be cricket, rugby or horse racing, you are likely to find online bits and pieces of info that will often help punters make some sizzling bets. There are also many tipsters who have found their way online over the years and signing up for one of these services is a cinch.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a place for old fashioned bookies these days, in fact punters can often find favourable odds at these physical locations, but the name of the game here is to diversify and widen your search to ensure that you can find the most favourable odds.

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What To Look For

Perhaps the easiest question to answer, but with the most varied parameters to take into consideration. The simple answer is that the best odds should always be sought out by punters as this will allow for the punter to reap the rewards of a better rate. This is where shopping around can really yield strong dividends.

There are some websites that mention that they are backed by professional punters, which may go a long way to helping you choose some great picks, but it is always important to remember that there are no crystal ball that will guarantee a win. That is why researching and listening to what others have to say is quite important.

Watch Out For Stats

Some lucky punters are blessed with fantastic memories that they can rely on when pursuing a favourable bet, but for the rest of us a handy pocket book or spreadsheet on the mobile phone handles the statistical storage duties for us.

Keeping a record of your previous bets is a great way to look back and track your progress, see when you did well and what conditions led to success. That’s not to say that you need to lug a library of data around with you (that’s what your cellphone is for!) but it is always good to have a sense of your recent history.

Some cellphone apps will give you access to all of this and much more, so many punters are finding this route to be a much more convenient platform to use.

When To Act

Due to the global nature of sports betting NZ, it is safe to say that bets can be placed at virtually any time of the day or night. Websites and mobile applications have opened the door for bets to be placed at any time of the day or night, with  just the press of a few buttons on your screen.

These providers don’t stop there however, as news and hints as well as useful information and trivia are also just a few screen presses away. Want to know what the win loss ration between New Zealand and Australia is for ODI cricket? Feel like finding out which stadium has yielded the most tries for a specific team during a particular season? No problem, it’s all available online.

So why not take a gander at the bookies the next time the sporting event of your choice crops up, you might just find yourself in the winner’s circle.