Top Tips for Novelty Market Betting

Top Tips for Novelty Market Betting

The sheer variety of novelty betting markets available to punters is enjoyed by many for the sometimes-incredible opportunities it offers. Some punters, however, find the variety of markets and bets in that category overwhelming.

To the uninitiated, the prospect of novelty bets certainly can be frightening. However, most of them have probably engaged in friendly novelty bets as many times as they have had hot dinners.

How many families haven’t sat in front of the TV and jokingly bet on who the murderer is, who the talent show winner will be, or whether the new royal baby will be a boy or a girl? Many novelty markets offered by bookmakers come down to much of the same thing, minus the microwave dinners.

Making the Most of Novelty Betting

The tips below can help punters make the most of betting on novelty markets. They cover some of the basic principles, and can be applied to any market on which punters choose to bet, novelty or otherwise.

The most common markets offered by bookmakers include current affairs, financials, and politics, entertainment, and once-off novelty markets.

Novelty Betting Tips

Tip 1: Safety, security, and quality first. Any betting, whether novelty, online blackjack real money Canada, or other, should be enjoyed at bookmakers that are licensed and regulated.

Tip 2: Remember to have fun. Novelty betting, like all betting, should ultimately be about enjoying the experience. Any profits should be seen as the cherry on top. If betting on entertainment, political, or any other market causes anxiety, sleepless nights, relationship problems, or mounting debts, consider using the self-exclusion facilities offered by online bookmakers to limit your betting, and get in touch with a problem gambling helpline for advice or counselling.

Tip 3: Eyes on the money. Novelty betting bankrolls need to be managed well. Determine how much money is to be bet over the course of a week, fortnight, or month. Decide whether as many bets as possible will be placed in one go, or whether betting will be done in regular or semi-regular sessions – and keep to what is decided. Win and loss limits should also be included as part of good bankroll management.

Tip 4: Play to strengths. If punters know they have a good knowledge of any of the novelty betting markets on offer, they could use it to their advantage. Cinema or music fans might have a knack for predicting the winners of Academy or Grammy awards, while those with an interest in financial markets might have an eye for spotting when interest rates will rise or fall.

Tip 5: Watch and learn. Many punters are happy to dabble in as many novelty betting markets as their preferred bookmakers make available. Others may prefer to focus on one or two markets. Whichever markets punters enjoy, whether political elections or the comings and goings of royal families, they should keep themselves up to date. Watch the news, read the paper, ‘like’ fan pages and official pages on Facebook and other social media platforms – do as much as possible to learn as much as possible.