Understanding Live Betting – Tips And Tactics For Success

What Is Live Betting?

There are many versions of sports betting available for both the casual and the more professional punter all around the world, and in Australia.

Sports betting sites have become the norm rather than the exception when it comes to placing bets, making sports betting an exciting and variety filled activity.

One of the options which has become very popular recently is live betting, whereby one places a bet as the action unfolds. This is done on sports games mostly, and not short events such as horse racing.

Elite Option For Action Junkies

Live betting is not offered by all online betting sites, and even those don’t offer it for all sports. This leads to live betting being quite elite, as only a few punters can make use of it. Live betting is a growing niche for action junkies who like to place their bets spontaneously with the maximum excitement.

How Live Betting Works

As mentioned, live betting is only offered on longer time frame sports, such as live AFL betting. The games provide enough minutes for many things to occur, such as who will score the next goal or even who will go off the field next. It is especially popular in golf, which has a very long play time and an almost uncountable number of events which can happen.

In Australia, one can only place live bets over the phone due to legalities. Even so, many Australian sites offer this as an option with local telephone operators standing by during particular hours. It is worth noting however that even though legalities have an impact on live betting in Australia, no Australian citizen is breaking the law as the onus is on the operator, not the participant.

AFL betting online - Sports betting sites

Live Betting Versus Pre Game Betting

Live betting may seem like the easier option between the two, as one can watch the game unfold and bet accordingly.

What you need to remember, however, is that live betting requires a lightning quick mind. You need to be able to read the game and predict what the next move of the players will be before they know themselves.

The upside to this is if you have the skill set needed, your betting experience can be very profitable indeed.

Live Betting Odds

This is an important topic and one which every punter who wishes to place live bets must grasp. Live betting odds work differently to normal betting odds. This is because the odds are only available for a short time, and disappear or change as time goes on.

Most bookies force a delay in bets due to this, so you have to be quick and get your bets in early if you want to catch the odds of your choice. Keeping an eye on them at all times is imperative.

Live Betting Tips

  • Crawl before you can walk: don’t go too big too soon. Start small, get to know the action and how it works, and take it from there.
  • Stick to one field: don’t spread yourself merrily between a number of games or sports. Become a specialist on a particular field, getting to know how teams play other teams and how the players react to certain situations.
  • Cut Your Losses: one of the fastest ways to empty your bank account is the need to recoup any losses you may have made. Don’t. Learning to let losses go is a huge part of being a successful punter.