What is entertainment betting?


Everyone in Australia knows about online sports betting and online casino games. Very few people realise that there is another market out there called entertainment betting. Entertainment betting is much smaller than sports betting although can be just as much fun. Entertainment betting is just what it sounds like, placing a bet on entertainment rather than sports such as one of the various talent programs that are so popular these days.

Betting Types And Odds

When asking what is entertainment betting, automatically one’s mind goes to what on earth the bet types and odds could possibly be. Admittedly there are not as many bet types or odds in entertainment betting compared to sports betting but there are definitely still enough to keep a punter entertained.

The most common bet is a straight bet. This in sports betting would be a bet on who will win a match or a race. In entertainment betting this could be a bet on who will win a talent or singing competition, or even who will scoop the award in an awards ceremony.  These bets are easy to place and not a whole lot of knowledge is needed to get them right. As with sports betting, these are bets which are recommended for beginners to the entertainment betting world.

An over under bet is also the same as one which could be found in the sports betting world. These are totals which are set by bookies, and a punter has to guess whether the outcome will be over or under what the bookies or online betting Australia sites predicted. An example of this in the entertainment world would be a weight loss program, and whether contestant A will beat contestant B by more or less than 10kg’s.


Major Events

So every punter knows what the major sporting events on the annual calendar are, but what are the major entertainment betting events? As it has been noted, Australians will bet on pretty much anything including two flies crawling up a wall. There are a number of entertainment events which provide ample betting opportunities if you know where to look online.

The first of these is awards ceremonies. Awards ceremonies happen almost all year round with celebrities receiving awards for all sorts of things. There are a number of categories which provide betting opportunities, as well as a number of celebrity breakdowns which provide great prop bets. Betting on whether a singer will receive an award which didn’t actually go to them, or if a cat fight will break out on the red carpet can provide for a highly entertaining evening.

Talent Shows are another great entertainment betting opportunity. The bigger shows not only have some world class acts which have gone on to become world class stars, but also judges who are celebrities themselves and get up to all sorts of things. Bets on talent shows can vary from whether an act or singer will be knocked out, to whether a tempestuous judge will push their buzzer and have a rant at how bad the act was.

Betting Strategy

As with any other form of online betting, entertainment betting should only be conducted with a good plan and strategy in your mind. Make sure that you know what the particular program is about, and who may be more likely to win over another contestant. Read up on the contestants and judges histories to arm yourself with vital knowledge.