History of Betting in Australia

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Australian Betting History

Australia has long been known for its passionate love for all types of sports betting, and this has been a theme that has been with the country for countless decades. Ever since the country was first colonised, many of the people brought over their love of sports betting, and it continued to grow to the massive industry leader that is today.

It’s very seldom that you will find an Australian that does not have some interesting in sports and the types of betting that sports have to offer.

The question that many may wonder is where exactly it all began, and how it grew into what it is today. To answer this, we have to go back and look at how Australia first started out, and how it grew into the one-of-a-kind nation that many know and love.

How Betting Started

Modern British and European colonists first settled in Australia over two hundred years ago, and the British influence was extremely important in the early development of gambling within the country. As Australia grew, there was plenty of informal betting going around, mostly between local towns. The British influence also brought over a deep love of horse racing, and this stuck extremely well in Australia, and they adopted horse racing as one of their earliest sports.

Horse racing inevitably lead to betting, and the horse race betting scene in Australia exploded in popularity, where people from all over the country would flock every year to bet on their favourite events, and still do to this day.

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Online Sports Betting

The betting industry in Australia grew over the last century, and while many casinos and local bookmakers had sprung up across the country, it was still difficult for many to enjoy online sports betting due to both distance and costs.

This all changed with the growth of the internet and the arrival of Australian betting sites. One by one, more and more sites became available and more advanced, and Australian bettors took to this growing industry with a passion.

Many sites also began offering international access to sports, meaning that bettors were now able to follow sports from all over the world, including football, basketball, cricket, and more. On top of being able to bet on any sporting event in the world, many sites began offering their bettors the chance to keep up to date with the sport as it happened with the latest live streaming technology.

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Australian Betting in Summary

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of sites all around the world that offer their services to the eager bettors in Australia. These bookmaking sites make sure that bettors have access to a full range of bets and betting odds, the chance to learn about the sports they are interested in, as well as being able to manage all their bets in real time.

It is an unprecedented time for all betting enthusiasts, and thanks to modern mobile betting, keeping up and taking out wagers on all your favourite sports is now as easy as simply pressing a button or tapping  screen, no matter where you are.