Prop Bets And Their Advantages

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Propositional Betting Explained

Prop bets is essentially a bet that is placed on the occurrence  of an event either happening or not happening, and is generally not related directly to the outcome of the event. For instance, a punter can bet on something as trivial as the colour pants that will be worn by the performing artist of a national anthem, or perhaps the number of times an off field event happens, such as ball changes or player substitutions.

While these things certainly can have an effect on the proceedings, their influence is usually too difficult to trace back to an actual outcome. This is what makes these bets quite fun to place, especially for those who may be looking for a fun distraction during a dull season or as a way to divert the nerves during an important game.

Some Examples of Prop Bets

Rugby has a few good prop betting options, although you may have to search around for a bit to find a willing bookie. One such popular prop bet is to bet on who you think will score a try or tries during a match. In football some of the more mischievous amongst us may find a bet relating to an ill disciplined player and may be tempted to predict how many cards may be issued during the match and what colour.

There are some fun American prop bets that can be observed during the American Football  season. These range from the colour of the beverage that somebody important on the sidelines may drink, or the points spread at the end of the match between the winners and losers. This bet is tough to find a guide for, as it favours no particular team but instead tries to predict the score difference.

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Baseball is another sport that sees much prop betting taking place. These come in the form of a pitcher’s performance, like how many strikeouts he may accumulate, or how many home runs a hard hitter might make during a game.

Not even politicians are safe from the crazyness that is prop betting. Donald Trump was largely seen as an underdog during the lead up to the presidential race, and probably inadvertently made quite a few people some good earnings when he won the race in 2016.

Some Advantages to Prop Bets

For punters that are waiting for a main event that they would prefer to place a proper bet on, these prop bets serve as a fun way to get in on the action without ruining the appetite for later in the day.

Another benefit is that if a punter fancies neither team and is not too interested in the outcome, then a proper bet can be placed as a novelty bet to pass some time, and potentially make some money.

This is also a fun way for people to get involved with a sport but that don’t necessarily want the added pressure of a win-loss bet hanging over their head while they concentrate on the proceedings. Another fun aspect is the additional exposure that can be garnered for an event, as news agencies usually pick up on the more silly prop bets as an event draws nearer.


Prop betting options are available at a range of reputable NZ betting sites online. Whatever your stance may be on the subject of prop betting, one thing is for sure, there is certainly a market for such bets and the demand does no appear to be going anywhere any time soon.