The Definition of a Tipster

What is a Tipster?

A tipster is a person or business who frequently provides information on the possible outcomes on sports events that they purport to have knowledge of.

Tipsters have been around for ages, and in the past these offered tips formed part of a bartering or trading system but these days tips can be bought via phone or online outright for money. Some offer monthly or weekly subscription services on their sites for fresh tips, thus making ongoing money.

Tipsters are offering suggestions on which way to bet to you, based on their more in-depth knowledge of that subject. Their knowledge should be much better than the bookmaker’s knowledge, in order to bet with success and to beat the bookie.

Tipsters often are not betting themselves, but make their profit from selling this knowledge. So tipsters are usually profitable, unless they offer bum tips and get no repeat customers. However there is a fine line with charging for these tips, as betters want quality tips but not to actually pay too much of their betting budget on these quality tips.

Tips that are a racing certainty are known as a nap, and this term is mostly used in newspapers.

Where do they get the tips?

Tipsters can get their knowledge from studying an analysing the sports data, or from having insider knowledge not accessible to the general public.

These tipsters can get very analytical and using stats figure out a gap in the bookmaker’s odds and they will sell this tip to value bettors.

Where do you find tipsters?

The ease of access to all things gambling online, like the mobile casino and other countries have has led to people turning to searching for tipsters online.

But these are some of the more widely available “Offline” tipsters:

– Newspapers often have a tipster columnist to provide tips on horse racing, with basic tips such as Nap (their best selection to win) and nb (their next best selection after the nap).

– Television  often provides programming that will give you live previews of upcoming weekend horse racing events, provided by experts who qualify as tipsters due to their vast racing knowledge. There are also programmes live regarding other sporting events – like the Premier League fixtures.

– Radio is very similar to the television programmes offered, and have numerous programmes you can listen to and get your tips.

What Tipsters to avoid

The amount of the fraudster tipsters has greatly increased due to the ease of use of the internet and access to mobile sites. But tipster fraud has been around for ages, accessible via postal service or telephone tip lines.

These fraudsters will often spread their bet tips so that one person wins a bet using their tip, and therefore believes that the tipster is legit and reuses their services. These fraudsters are preying on people’s gullibility and gambling issues, and bettors should always research any tipsters they use vigorously before handing over their money for tips.

So be safe out there fellow betters!