Reasons to Bet on the Underdog

Rooting for the underdog

Often betting on the underdog is overlooked as the favourites for the race seem to have overwhelming odd in their favour. But if you look at racing events, quite often and underdog will come out of nowhere and have an upset win.

Recently at the Caulfield Cup a complete unknown underdog Boom Time won upsetting the favourites and shocking bookies and betters alike.

So if you have respect for the underdog or just want to try a new betting strategy, here are the five reasons to give the underdog bet a try:

Number five: Overconfidence

Sometimes the public’s favourite or the reigning champ is doing so well they develop a God complex, they cannot loose. This overconfidence can work in your favour, as mistakes are often made when arrogance comes into play. Watching out for the underdog, when a team/player has been on a long running winning streak means you can see the possibilities of a future upset win.

These under dogs have better odds, as the bookmakers rely in general on stats and figures to set their odds

Number four: Live in Play Betting

Using live in play betting is more exciting but also lets you make changes to your bets if your underdog remains an underdog instead of performing to your expectations. You can also monitor a game and catch any possible mistakes made by the match favourites and bet accordingly.

Online betting is a bit different, for example the have to offer work with form of payout percentage, so it’s more of a challenge to find the underdog bet as there is no RTP.

Number three: The Invisible Underdog

As I have said before, Bookmakers focus on stats and figures to set their odds. The underdog is so low down on the food chain they are often completely ignored, as favouritism is rife. But it’s not just the bookmakers; quite often the entire betting public has blinkers on, and only sees the top teams/players.

Knowing when favouritism is strongly in favour of a team and knowing their competitor has the same skill set/talent can lead to a very good underdog pet.

Number two: Psych!

Sometimes knowing the arch nemesis of the number one team player can also work in your favour. Let’s say South Africa is the current Rugby world Champions, if you knew that South Africa had never beaten their upcoming rivals New Zealand on New Zealand home soil, wouldn’t you have a good look at betting with the underdog in this instance?

Number one: The odds

If you had bet $10 on the match between Aleksandr Kerelin vs Rulon Gardner in the 2000 Olympic finals, you would have won $20000. Now that’s an underdog winning bet!

Finding that key figure or stat and placing your bet on an underdog and winning with such odds is a thrilling experience and a fun way to bet instead of the bet on the favourite to win strategy.

Main tip for underdog betting:

After saying all of these five reasons – remember research is the key, and extremely vital. Do not just bet on an underdog because the win could be big.

Sometime an underdog is an underdog because they or their team is crap…the end.